sábado, 15 de marzo de 2008

The written Journey Starts...

After several hours of blog studying and playing with the settings here and there... I decided to write my first Frozen Turquoise Valentine Update Post.... Yay!
I felt there was a void I needed to fill on the Out world store information and I found the perfect vehicle... Let's see how it turns out! :)

First of all I will say that it's a true pleasure to be designing clothing in Second Life and that for the short time i have been on the fashion world the feedback lead me to start this blog. Thank You for all the support. :D

With this first post I want to present the new and improved FTV store, the new Drama collection demanded space that the previous store did not have... so the expantion was inminent, i worked hard on it and it's fabulous :p and here it is...:

I know I mentioned the "new" Drama Collection and of that i will talk later and show you some great pictures... For now i just wanted to introduce myself and see how this first post turns out...

XoXo, Valenttina Carfagno.

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